Only the companies experienced in domestic and national transportation, with impeccable reputation and financial collateral, obtain the international transportation licenses.


With an internal TRUCK CONTROL SYSTEM, our vehicles are continuously monitored by forwarders and technicians at every stage of transportation service. We have our own yard and private vehicle repair workshop where we service our vehicles and those of other companies. Our fleet is regularly maintained and therefore always ready to carry out any orders.


Our obligatory carrier insurance is E 240 000

We are looking to cooperate with carriers that own freight vehicles (side type: curtain, curtain-board, mega and other) operating at domestic and Western Europe routes.

Stable cooperation, fixed routes, excellent conditions – we carefully select people and companies we work with. We guarantee stable routes to help our partners optimise the logistic process.

Punctual payments. Always! We are a reliable company which puts utmost priority to punctual payments for subcontractors.

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